SHELLYS RESTAURANT
                                  8 Bold street
                                         wa1 1dr
      Telephone 01925 654000
Shelly s Restaurant is in the heart of  Warrington Town Centre 
at  the  top of Bold Street
close to the opening of the Golden Square Shopping Mall.

Christmas Party Lunches 

Two courses  Lunch Time £12.50


Traditional Aga Roast Turkey
sliced turkey breast with stuffing, chipolatas wrapped in bacon
 and roast Potatoes , gravy
Salmon Fillet with Lemon & Ginger  sauce
Red onion, Peppers and Goats Cheese Tart
All served with seasonal vegetables

          Christmas Pudding 
       Choice from  Chiller Cabinet
          or Cheese and Biscuits


           Friday 12th December

Dinner with singing from                      
 Cliff Jenkinson
7.30pm for 8pm
Tickets Only £28.50

Smoked Salmon with prawns horseradish cream and lime
Boeuf Bourguignon with Duchess Potatoes & fresh seasonal
Warm Chocolate Fondant with hint of chilli
served with Chantilly cream
Coffee and mints
Vegetarian or special diet Menu arranged personally on booking

Christmas Jazz
with singing from    Ailsa

Smoked Salmon with prawns horseradish cream and lime
Boeuf Bourguignon with Duchess Potatoes & fresh seasonal
Warm Chocolate Fondant with hint of chilli
served with Chantilly cream
Coffee and mints
Vegetarian or special diet Menu arranged personally on booking
Friday 19th December
Dinner £28.50


Afternoon Teas
Birthday Parties
Leaving Parties
Baby Showers
Retirement Parties
Children Baking Parties
Private Bookings
Small Weddings
Special Evening Events


 from 9am to 11.30am
         Shelly’s Egg Benedict  
  Toasted English Muffin topped with bacon & poached eggs and drizzled with hollandaise sauce .                      £5.99  
    Shelly s Eggs Florentine Muffins poached eggs and spinach                                                               £5.99 
 Traditional Full English Breakfast 
Includes : ‘Old English Sausage’  a very special recipe made for us by Houghton's   Butchers,
English back Bacon, poached egg, black pudding ,
Mushrooms, tomato, baked beans and toast and butter
  Bacon Egg on Toast                                                 £3.99
Sausage and Egg on toast                                        £3.99
   Scrambled Cheshire Eggs  on toast                                     
Poached Cheshire Eggs  on toast                                                     
 Extra items on breakfasts are additional costs
 Aga toast  Thick slice of bread toasted butter &  jam                                                                                                              £1.55   
        2 slices of toast, butter and jam or marmalade                                                                                                                £1.55 
 Baked  Beans on  Toast                                               £3.25 

Lunch Menu
Soup of the Day
freshly  made in our kitchen, using local produce when
available served with   bread and butter                               
     Lunch Special                                                                   £6.50
Bowl of  Soup  and  a choice of 
 half a sandwich
Egg and cress and Mayonnaise
Cheshire  Cheese and Apple chutney
Avocado and tomato and pesto
Prawn Marie rose

Tuna sweet corn and mayonnaise
Fresh Salmon and cucumber
White or Brown bread and Gluten free
Served with salad garnish and Lancashire crisps

         The Club Sandwich
Toasted bread filled with ham , cheese , crispy bacon , chicken ,chutney , lettuce and tomato served
with real chunky chips and coleslaw
White or brown bread

 Baguette            £6.50 
Cooked to order  a tasty ,
hot  and crispy Sandwich.     White or Brown Bread homemade Coleslaw and a freshly prepared salad garnish and French fries
Chicken,  Bacon and Cheese
Bacon,  Brie and Cranberry   
 Cheddar Cheese  and Tomato
Tuna & Sweet corn  with Cheddar Cheese
 Roast ham with  Cheddar Cheese
 Welsh Rarebit                                                               £6.25
 Cheddar cheese melted over French mustard on thick toast
Welsh Rarebit with two fried eggs                                    £6.75
Steak Burger                                                      £7.99
                                Hand made 6oz steak burger
                               on a toasted barm cake with
                             cheddar cheese crispy bacon
                              served with chunky chips and
                               Coleslaw and salad and dips
                   Garlic  Mushrooms                £4.99
Served in a garlic cream sauce with toasted bread
Prawn Cocktail    £4.99
Served with brown bread & butter

                Autumn                          Salads      
Grilled Goats Cheese & Beetroot
Apple with Cheddar Cheese , walnuts and apple chutney
Grilled Avocado & Bacon and Brie
Hot  fillet of Salmon with a tangy lemon sauce
Chicken & spinach with apple , walnuts , bacon and red onion
All served with fresh salad and Shellys coleslaw with
bread and butter or a wrap

What has been in the Aga
Cooking Slowly Overnight?


Scampi                               £8.25
Breaded whole tail scampi caught in the Atlantic ,
lightly coated in a crispy crumb with thick home cooked chips , garden peas and a wedge of lemon and tartar  sauce
Bread and butter
Daily Choice of Desserts   £4.80
Shellys  SPECIAL ‘Spoon Dessert’
 selection to share             £9.99
Ice Cream                                                                          £3.00
Vanilla with chocolate or raspberry sauce

Cheese Selection Slate & biscuits                             £5.99
Shelly s Liqueur Coffee                                                  £4.75
Brandy, Whiskey, Baileys, Tia Maria
 Afternoon Tea 
after 2.30pm

Freshly cut Sandwiches                                                    £4.99
Salmon and cucumber
Prawn and Marie rose sauce
Roast ham
Tuna & sweet corn
Cheshire Cheese and apple chutney
Egg Mayonnaise
All served with salad garnish &
hand baked Lancashire crisps
Welsh Rarebit                                                                    £6.25
with mustard and salad garnish
“Eggs Benedict”                                                                £5.99
 wonderful muffins bacon and fresh eggs and hollandaise sauce
So good…..
Scampi                                                                                     £8.25
Breaded whole tail scampi , real chips peas and tartar sauce

  “Shellys Cream Tea”                                                         £4.90
Warm Aga baked scone with clotted cream and jam
 and a pot of tea for one
      “The Chocolate Hit ”                                                      £7.50
       Hot chocolate with cream
              and a piece of hot
             Chocolate fudge Cake
                 and Ice cream
        and more Chocolate sauce!!!!
Toasted Tea Cake                                                                 £2.15
with butter
Desserts Selection                                                                £4.80
“Special Spoon Dessert for sharing”                              £9.99

Fancy Iced Cakes £1.95

Milk Shakes   
Pot of Tea  for one 
                        using Tetley tea bags                    £1.75
Tea Selections £1.95
 CHILLI TEA                   CHOCOLATE FLAKE TEA                          POPCORN TEA
 TUNG TING TEA              CHAMOMILE FLOWERS                   PEPPERMINT
Double Espresso     
Coffee freshly ground for flavour                                                                            £1.80   
Cappuccino REGULAR                                                    £2.40
  Huge Massive Cappuccino                                            £2.99
Mocha Coffee hot choc two shots espresso hot foaming milk                                                                                        £2.99
                      Latte   two shots coffee hot foaming milk                                                                                                               £2.60
 Filter Coffee reg                                                                 £1.80
Large Filter                                                                           £2.00
   Hot Chocolate                                                                     £2.75  
    Cinnamon Hot Chocolate
 with Marshmallows
and whipped cream                                                        £3.05
Cold Drinks
with Vanilla Ice cream                                                         £2.85
Fresh Smooth Orange juice                                              £2.00
Glass of Milk                                                                          95p
Coca Cola / Diet Cola                                                          £2.20
Refreshing Fentimans                                                       £2.20
Ginger Beer 
Orange Jigger
 Dandelion Burdock
  Old Fashioned Lemonade
Rose lemonade
Apple Juice                                                                         £2.20
 Schweppes Lemonade                                                  £1.70
  Schweppes Tonic /Slim line                                         £1.70
 Schweppes Soda Water                                                 £1.70
  Bottled Water Still  / Sparkling                                     £1.60
J20                                                                                          £2.00
Ice Cream Soda
Ice cream
with lemonade or Coke
   House Wine  
    Chardonnay White    Cabernet Sauvignon   Red  
Bottle 75cl                                                                              £13.75
Large 250ml glass                                                             £4.80
Small 175ml                                                                         £3.70
Very Small 125ml                                                               £2.80
Prosecco, Astoria Lounge , Italy  1/4 Bottle             £5.25

Astoria Lounge 75cl                                                            £19.95
Champagne Boizel                                                £34.95
Full Wine List Available
Bottled Beer
Tiger ,    Peroni                                                                      £3.30
Bulmer Cider                                                                         £3.80
Black Sheep Ale  4.4%     500ml                                       £3.95
Speckled Hen       5.2%     500ml                                      £3.95
Whisky , Southern Comfort, Bacardi , Gin, Vodka, Martini, Campari ,
Pernod, Jack Daniels ,   25ml   all                                     £2.70
Sambuca , Tia Maria , Archers, Cointreau , Lemon cello. Baileys
25ml all                                                                                  £2.90
VSOP      40% 25ml                                                              £4.40
XO           40% 25ml                                                              £8.50

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